If you're the sort of person who sits around waiting on breaking-esque news of the trademark variety, then we've got just the fix for you.

TMZ, of course, is the source for the news that Kylie Jenner has reportedly filed legal documents requesting ownership of her take on the morning wake-up phrase "rise and shine." As we all know by now to varying degrees of concern, the phrase has become the latest Kylie Jenner moment to be fully meme-ified after popping up in the "Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour" video.

At one point, Ariana Grande was among those participating in the memeification:

Tuesday's report adds that the trademark would encompass a variety of potential products including pants, jackets, gloves, dresses, belts, shoes, headwear, loungewear, sleepwear, cosmetics, etc.

This riveting update on the larger "rise and shine" narrative comes just days after it was announed that Jenner was selling merch that utilized the phrase in the various pieces' designs.

This week also brought more trademarks news for any trademark enthusiasts out there. Monday, the planet was informed that Jenner has reportedly filed one for a makeup line named after her and Travis Scott's daughter Stormi.

For even more in-depth analyses of trademarks and copyrights and whatnot, look no further.