If you think Marvel's female characters deserve something more substantive than just a brief moment together onscreen in Avengers: Endgame, Brie Larson wants to reassure you that the steps are being taken to hopefully make that a reality.

As part of her Power of Women cover shoot, Larson sat down with Variety and provided an update on what has been done about getting the ball rolling on "an all-women Marvel mashup movie."

"I will say that a lot of the female cast members from Marvel walked up to Kevin and we were like, 'We are in this together, we want to do this,'" she revealed. "What that means, I have no idea. You know, I'm not in charge of the future of Marvel, but it is something that we’re really passionate about and we love and I feel like if enough people out in the world talk about how much they want it, maybe it’ll happen." 

For Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, the only issue that may be preventing an all-female Marvel project from gaining considerable traction is timing. Marvel has already announced the upcoming slate for Phase 4, which will also include characters from a number of Disney+ TV series who could then be brought into the fold in future MCU films. 

The sequel to Black Panther has already been given a release date of May 6, 2022, which comes after the completion of Phase 4. With a Captain Marvel sequel, that standalone Blade film, and vehicles for the properties received through the Disney-Fox merger presumably coming out after 2021, it's hard to figure out when Feige will be able to squeeze in this all-female Marvel movie while also giving the film the respect and attention it deserves.