A lawsuit could be pending as a result of Kevin Hart's serious car crash

TMZ reports that both the driver and other passenger involved in the crash have obtained lawyers. Hart has assembled a legal team as well. Hart could be under fire from the driver—who sustained major back injuries—and the passenger, Rebecca Broxterman, who was able to walk away from the incident for the car's lack of safety features.

In an effort to keep the car's authenticity, Hart didn't add safety harnesses or airbags to his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. According to insiders, the other victims feel like this added to their injuries and constitutes negligence. The driver could also face a lawsuit depending on the outcome of the California Highway Patrol's investigation. 

Hart will reportedly argue that the unnamed company that customized his car is highly regarded and respected for their work. Even if Kevin requested a custom job without safety harnesses, the company could be on defense for not refusing the order and telling the comedian that this was unsafe. 

This case could change the world of classic cars. Per law enforcement sources, the California Highway Patrol could push for a bill that makes adding safety harnesses and airbags to classic cars mandatory in the state of California.