Jennifer Lopez is receiving a lot of praise for her work in the movie, Hustlers. Yet, the muse for the film was not impressed by her performance.

During an interview with TMZ, Hustlers' inspiration, Samantha Barbash, claimed that the movie studio stole her story. 

"They pretty much basically stole my story," Barbash said. "I wouldn't sign my rights away... I wasn't giving up my TV and film rights for peanuts. J. Lo doesn't work for free. Why would I? I'm a businesswoman." When speaking on the deal that director Lorene Scafaria offered her through her lawyer, Barbash claimed she has "Hermès bags" that were more valuable.

Despite not giving up her rights to the story, Barbash still thought that Lopez should have reached out to her to study her mannerisms and likeness. "She didn't even reach out to the woman that she's portraying. I think that's like a little, kind of degrading as an actress," she continued. "She basically defamed my character... Without J. Lo they wouldn't have a movie honestly. There's no storyline, it's just Jennifer." 

While it's clear that she's not fond of the film or Lopez, Barbash did have a soft sport for Cardi B. Barbash said that she "loved" Bardi in the film and felt that the rapper should have been the one to portray her rather than J. Lo. 

"Cardi was in the strip club business," she explained. "I think with acting lessons she would have been great."