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While her mother is serving her debt to society, Felicity Huffman's daughter will have the opportunity to earn legit enrollment in college. 

The authorities have concluded that Huffman's daughter, Sophia Grace Macy, was unaware of her mother's illegal activities, according to TMZ. As a result, the College Board has permitted her the opportunity to retake her SAT. Sophia will have to do this if she wants to continue her college education.

Huffman was one of several wealthy parents who paid Rick Singer $15,000 to doctor their child's SAT score. Singer proctored the test and gave Sophia extra time to complete sections; he also fixed some of her incorrect answers. Huffman pled guilty to her hand in the admissions scandal and was given 14 days behind bars, a $30,000 fine, one year of supervised release, and 250 hours of community service. During her hearing, Huffman claimed that her daughter suffered from learning disabilities and was unaware of her actions.

Sophia will just have to register for the test like any other normal student. She will be able to continue her scholastic career once she achieves an acceptable score.