Pete Davidson reamed his crowd at a college on Monday night for using their phones to film him, calling them “privileged little assholes.”

The SNL star headlined a comedy show at the University of Central Florida and went off on the audience several minutes into his set, TMZ reports.

He blasted the crowd for, “film[ing] everything but not enjoying the show.”

He continued, “I don’t gotta be here. I can just give them their money back ‘cause I don’t give a fuck. So like whenever somebody else comes to your fucking town and wants to perform, and is exhausted and flies all the way to the middle of fuckin’ nowhere to do jokes…don’t fuckin’ ruin the show for people who actually wanna be here.”

He wasn't that happy about the crowd's affirmative clap either.

“No, don’t clap either. It’s 'cause like half of you did it," Davidson said. "You should fucking grow up, okay? Says no phones… just behave.” He then continued his set.

The venue didn’t have any visible signs about cell phone use and it wasn’t previously addressed by Davidson or the other performers, according to TMZ.

Earlier this year, Davidson had another upset during a show when the owner of the club where the comedian was performing mentioned Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale while introducing Davidson to the stage. He subsequently left the venue before his show time.