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Idris Elba struggled through his First We Feast Hot Ones interview. That's not necessarily a big deal. Struggling is the point of the hot wings-based interview and he still looked better doing it than anyone you've ever seen in your life. Elba's strong reaction to a wing that was commanded by the powers of naughtiness to be really, really hot stuck with viewers, though. And they took his sputtering, choking response and turned it into an encapsulation of all our most awkward conversations.

Let's bless this post by kicking things off with a Bible meme. 

Of course, Elba's choking went well with just about any uncomfortable dinner that Twitter users have ever experienced.

Elba's wings going down the wrong way also brought to mind meals that people struggled to keep down.

And no meme is complete until it's turned back on itself, so of course,  Elba's video has already gone fully meta.