MAD Magazine, the beloved satire publication that has been in print ever since 1952, is coming to somewhat of an unofficial end later this year. Sources close to the magazine told The Hollywood Reporter that MAD will cease publication in the traditional sense, and will shift to vintage highlights. This means MAD will no longer produce new content, instead relying on some of the best stuff from its 67-year history.

While this is unfortunate news for fans of the long-running comedy publication, there will still be end-of-year specials with brand new content. After issue 10 of this year, though, it'll only be the older stuff. The first reports of the new approach were revealed by contributors for the magazine, who were informed via email that MAD will no longer be taking commissions after this October's issue.

DC confirmed the news in a statement to ABC: "After issue #10 this fall there will no longer be new content―except for the end-of-year specials which will always be all new. So starting with issue #11 the magazine will feature classic, best-of and nostalgic content from the last 67 years."

Weird Al Yankovic chimed in upon hearing the news, explaining the impact it had on him as a kid. "It's pretty much the reason I turned out weird," he wrote.

See what writers, editors, and fans of the satire magazine had to say about the new approach below. 

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