New information on the involvement of Allison Mack, an actress known for her work in Smallville and Wilfred, in an alleged sex cult has emerged by way of a trial testimony from a woman identified only as "Nicole."

"I was so confused," Nicole, per an extensive New York Times report on the proceedings, said on the witness stand Friday during the Federal District Country in Brooklyn-set trial against the NXIVM group's purported leader Keith Raniere. "It's terrifying."

The NXIVM group, founded under the alleged guise of being a "self-help group" of sorts in the '90s, added an internal "clandestine organization" in 2015 dubbed D.O.S. This sect had its members referred to as slaves and masters, with testimony alleging that members had been branded with Raniere's initials and "assigned" to engage in sexual acts with him. 

Nicole is said to have joined NXIVM's D.O.S. group one year later upon Mack's invitation. According to Nicole, she was looking for guidance in her own acting career. Joining the group, Nicole alleged, required the submission of a solo sex tape and a fabricated letter claiming sexual abuse from her father, though said abuse never happened. Nicole, allegedly at Mack's behest, was later ordered to cease sexual encounters with an ex and initiate a three-month celibacy period. 

Nicole also detailed multiple incidents of being subjected to sexual acts while blindfolded and bound, one of which is described as occurring one day after Mack told her to "go be a good slave." After an incident in which she was subjected to a stranger performing oral sex on her while Raniere asked her questions, Nicole said she returned to Mack's home, where she was told by the Smallville actress that she was "brave." Additionally, Nicole recalled, "I think [Mack] also said I had earned working more with Keith."

Mack, who—like Raniere—was hit with sex trafficking and additional charges in 2018, pleaded guilty back in April to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering. 

In a DOJ statement last year, Mack's alleged pattern of involvement with NXIVM was described as requiring her "slaves" to engage in sexual activity with Raniere in exchange for "financial and other benefits" from Raniere. An alleged victim previously referred to as Jane Doe 5 has since been identified as Nicole.