Keanu Reeves, he of the John Wick franchise and an oft-celebrated sense of contagious zen, will indeed be seen in next year's Cyberpunk 2077.

Reeves made the surprise announcement with an equally surprise appearance at this weekend's Xbox E3 conference, during which a release date and trailer for the hotly anticipated title from CD Projekt Red were unveiled. Per onstage comments from Reeves, players will be given the chance to experience the game's story from the perspective of an "enhanced mercenary working in the sleazy underbelly of the city."

Adding that walking these "streets of the future" would constitute a breathtaking experience, Reeves was briefly interrupted by a shouted "You're breathtaking!" from the audience. As your timeline this morning has surely already informed you, Reeves responded in kind, flipping the breathtaking remark back on the audience. "You're breathtaking!" Reeves said to applause. "You're all breathtaking!"

The person responsible for yelling out the initial "You're breathtaking!" has since acquired the promise of a free collector's edition of the game straight from the Powers That Be.

See the new "cinematic trailer" for Cyberpunk 2077, out April 16th of next year, below.

Next up, Reeves will be heard among the voice cast for Pixar's Toy Story 4.