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By E3's lofty standards, the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo was a fairly low-key affair. E3 2006 had Shigeru Miyamoto conducting a Wii orchestra. E3 2009 featured appearances by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to promote Beatles Rock Band

E3 2019 had one particularly notable celebrity appearance (we'll get to Keanu in a minute), but otherwise, it was a fairly standard parade of press announcements interspersed by trailers, followed by trailers interspersed by press announcements. Sony sat out E3 completely. And Nintendo, rather opting for a glitzy stage show, broadcasted a Nintendo Direct video package to handle their major reveals. It was all very controlled, which prevented any major, viral embarrassments.

Here are of E3's major video game announcements, all in one place, for your convenience.