On Monday at E3, Rob McElhenney spoke on the upcoming comedy series born of a partnership between the creators of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Ubisoft. That series will be centered around the underutilized (narratively, anyway) world of video game development. The name of the series, you ask? Yes Maybe? That would be Mythic Quest - Raven's Banquet:

The existence of this series was previously announced in summer of 2018. Though now there's more details (and a trailer). It is slated to be headed by the trio of McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Always Sunny writer/executive producer Megan Ganz.

According to IGN, the series will follow a game studio that's putting together a title called Mythic Quest, which is one of the biggest/most ambitious MMORPGs ever made. The story takes place as they work on the first major expansion, which would be where Raven's Banquet comes in. Ian Grimm, which is the character played by McElhenney, is the creative director whose overly serious and egomaniacal self importance is sure to be the butt of many a joke. Check out the embedded trailer above.

The series was created for Apple TV+, in tandem with Ubisoft Film and Television and Lionsgate Television.