The Game of Thrones finale has proven to be divisive for fans who have stuck with the series from the start (and not fans who started watching in Season 8), and it's already gotten everyone talking about other notable TV endings. From The Wire and The Sopranos to Six Feet Under and Twin Peaks, the comparisons to other finales have run rampant now that GoT reached its climax.

*Game of Thrones series finale spoilers below*

With Bran Stark taking the Iron Throne in the last episode of Game of Thrones, a lot of fans have expressed their disappointment in how it all wrapped up. What hasn't upset as many people on Twitter, however, is the opportunity to highlight what many perceive as better endings. Frequently mentioned conclusions have included Breaking Bad and Mad Men, while Seinfeld and Lost came up in discussions about the worst finale.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who portrayed Bran Stark on the HBO series, chimed in with his thoughts after the episode aired. "It’s so difficult to finish a series as popular as this without pissing some people off," he said during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "I don’t think anybody will think it’s predictable and that’s as much as you can hope for. People are going to be angry. There’s going to be a lot of broken hearts. It’s ‘bittersweet,’ exactly as [author] George R.R. Martin intended."

While it's true that writing a satisfying conclusion to such a long story is an almost impossible task, some fans still believe there are examples of how to get it right. Check out what some on Twitter had to say now that GoT is over below.