In case you somehow happened to miss it, Omari Hardwick, one of the stars on the series Power, planted a kiss on Beyoncé's cheek at the NAACP awards earlier this year, and the Beyhive came for him on account of the kiss' proximity to Bey's mouth.

The actor actually went in for two kisses while greeting her majesty, and the internet began debating whether the hello was simply amicable or whether it was inappropriate.

During an appearance on Strahan And Sara, the cast of Power detailed what's to come in the upcoming season, and faced questions from Michael Strahan about Kissgate.

At the 1:57 mark in the video above, Strahan asks Hardwick about "another added on kiss." Before he has a chance to respond, costar Naturi Naughton jumps in to defend Omari's gesture.

"You know the [Beyhive] try to come for my boy, my TV husband. He was just being a friend," she told the hosts. "Why can’t friends kiss and hug anymore? I mean they made that way bigger, so I was there and it was so not a situation."

50 Cent, one of the executive producers of Power, was also present during the televised appearance, however he had already publicized his stance on Kissgate. "Season 6 of POWER Jay Z kills Ghost don’t miss it we lit," Fif jokingly wrote on Instagram. "LOL jay was like the fuck is you doing pretty nigga."

The final season of Power returns to Starz on Aug. 25.