Kylie Jenner is broadening her business ventures with a new baby line, TMZ reports.

According to the outlet, Kylie has filed trademarks for Kylie Baby, which will cover an assortment of necessary items for a baby, including baby furniture like cribs, bouncers, changing tables, and walkers. She’s also looking to create skin moisturizers, lotions, and creams; linens, swaddling blankets, and crib jumpers; and breast milk storage bottles and breast pumps. The young mogul plans to put the Kylie Baby logo on strollers, children’s car seats, and diaper bags as well.

In March, Forbes named Kylie the youngest “self-made” billionaire in history. In the piece, Kylie—whose net worth is claimed to be approximately $1 billion—was touted as “the youngest-ever self-made billionaire, reaching a 10-figure fortune at a younger age than even Mark Zuckerberg.” However, there was some confusion as to the meaning of what “self-made” means, with many arguing that the term doesn’t apply to Kylie because she grew up in a wealthy and famous family. 

Kris Jenner recently came to Kylie’s aid when the head matriarch appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and revived the argument. “I think she's self-made,” Kris said. “Listen, my girls, you can say that certain things have been handed to them. But it takes a lot of work to do what they're all doing.”

“The money she's made is her own,” Kris continued. “It began with her own savings. She put her own blood, sweat, and tears into it. It was her idea. It was amazing what she did, and what she showed the rest of us how to do it.”