The first episode of Game of Thrones after the Battle of Winterfell was bound to be a bummer (if better lit). The remaining leaders of the living had to mourn Jorah, Edd, every single Dothraki,, and the baddest little leader that Bear Island had ever known. Only Bran avoided getting a little misty in his three bird eyes.  

If the comedown from the battle between the Night King and the North was hard for the characters, it was doubly so for viewers, who have followed along with the remaining characters and the deceased for eight long years. But the internet muddled through the same way it does any tragedy. They turned it into memes. 

Everything from the brutal giant funeral, on down to Gendry's flopped proposal, was fodder for the Twitter hordes. Somebody made Tormund cry and the internet was ready to call their banners. Bronn showed up and delivered a gangster speech one "nyah see?" short of Looney Tunes, and folks loved it. The Starks and one Targaryen kicked it in the Godswood, and everyone got gossipy.  Mostly, Twitter was ready to turn the partying (and horniness) of the lords into their new favorite reactions. 

Take a look at some of our favorites below.