It's been a week since HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones came to end, but to honor all the work that went into Season 8 the network shared one last look at how it all came together. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch aired on Sunday night (May 26), giving fans an in-depth breakdown of what the cast and crew went through. Directed by Jeanie Finlay, the full-length documentary managed to get Twitter emotional over one moment in particular.

*Game of Thrones series finale spoilers*

The final episode of Thrones has proved divisive for fans, especially when it came to the feat of Daenerys, who was killed by Jon Snow. Despite the polarizing reaction to the dramatic story beat, fans were immediately emotional over Kit Harington's reaction to the scene during the table read for "The Iron Throne." Tearful, Harington and Emilia Clarke react to the script in pure shock as they stare at each other from across the room.

Clarke also had another emotional moment on set. The actress completed her final shots for the series and returned to the hair and makeup trailer, only to discover "Goodbye Dany, Hello Emilia" written on the mirror. 

The Last Watch was filled with goodbyes, showing not just what the cast went through as they bid farewell to the characters they embodied for a decade, but also the sacrifices the crew had to make. Thankfully it wasn't all tears, as the doc showed how the production crew hilariously put in effort to make sure spoilers weren't making it out by keeping actors around who had otherwise finished shooting. It also featured Harington doing the makeup department's job for some reason.

Check out some of the biggest takeaways and reactions to the documentary below.