We all love food. When we're not eating food, we're thinking about food, talking about food, or watching food content on TV or Netflix. Throughout the years, many films about food (like Food, Inc. and Meet Your Meat, for example) have sought to raise awareness about the food industry's less-than-perfect standards and practices, while food-based TV shows have focused on helping viewers expand their recipe repertoire. But more recently, film and TV alike have capitalized on our present-day foodie culture, creating movies and shows that celebrate food in all of its glory.

Nowadays, there's a food documentary or docuseries for every type of foodie out there. You've got the classics—Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and Chef's Table, for example—but new food films and shows are coming to Netflix constantly. Whether you're interested in different cultural cuisines, learning the food basics, or trying to make some healthier diet and food choices, there's food content for you. From Samin Nosrat's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat to new series Street Food, these are the best Netflix food documentaries available right now.