Michelle Wolf, the former Daily Show writer and comedian, hosted the White House Correspondents' Dinner last year, and saw her career take off as a result. Throughout her 20-minute set, Wolf torched the president and members of his cabinet, resulting in polarized reactions of both condemnation and praise. In light of Trump's announcement that he will skipping the annual event for the third year in a row, Michelle decided to use it as an opportunity to ridicule the president once more. 

Trump took to Twitter to expectedly relay that he will be opting out of the White House Correspondents' Dinner, calling it "boring" and "negative," despite his own inflammatory rhetoric. Instead of participating in the ritual, Trump announced that he will be holding a campaign rally in protest. "The dinner is boring and so negative that we’re going to hold a very positive rally," the president told reporters. "I like positive things, OK?"

The president must have known his detractors would use the defiance as grounds for humor. While attending an event in New York, Wolf said that the president likely doesn't want to be humiliated on account of his sloppy eating habits. 

"You know, he's probably just really busy because he's got to golf and honestly, I don't know if anyone really wants to watch him eat," she said. “He doesn’t have a big enough spine to attend. A person who can’t take someone making fun of them, I don’t really care about." 

Wolf then took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to a news story reporting on the president's decision to skip the dinner, writing, "I hope it's not because he has windmill cancer." Earlier this year the president strangely suggested that there may be a correlation between cancer and windmills. 

In light of the partisan damnation directed at Wolf following the 2018 event, the White House Correspondents' Association has decided to tap a historian to host this year's symbolic dinner, and will no longer be appointing comedians and late-night hosts to be the event's keynote entertainer. 

"We’re looking forward to an enjoyable evening of celebrating the First Amendment and great journalists past, present, and future," WHCA president Olivier Knox said in a statement.