Last month, Gayle King was reportedly gearing up to sign a multi-million dollar deal with CBS to stay at the network for another year. Insiders close to the situation indicated that CBS were very much interested in keeping her on board at This Morning as ratings continued to decline. However, Page Six reports that because negotiations with the network are taking so long, staff there are beginning to get worried they can't afford to keep her on.

King's current contract sits at an annual salary of around $5.5 million, and she's been in talks with CBS to double that figure to continue working there. A source explained, "It's not like CBS News can all of a sudden find ABC or NBC money—it has to come from somewhere." The new president of CBS News, Susan Zirinsky, has reportedly been given more money to spend on talent, but the sourced added, "There's not that much."

Despite the suggestion that there isn't enough money to double what she's currently earning, another source said, "The big priority is keeping Gayle. The only thing that would really hurt CBS News at the moment is losing her." King received a lot of attention earlier this year when she sat down for a wild interview with disgraced Chicago singer R. Kelly.

King herself has remained mum about the negotiations.  "I never ever discuss contracts in the media," King has said. "I think the best place to discuss a contract is with CBS."