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Whether or not you actually engage with the ever-expanding Game of Thrones universe, your timeline has surely seen a few mentions of actor Isaac Hempstead Wright in recent days. Specifically, Wright—who portrays Bran Stark on the HBO behemoth—has become the subject of some final season memeing thanks to his character's habit of being everywhere at once, and his icy death stares. 

Thankfully, he's cool with it. In a tweet Monday, i.e. the day after the show's season 8 premiere, Wright told his 361,000 followers that he's been "loving" the latest batch of Bran memes. In fact, he would like their proliferation to continue:

Earlier this month, Wright looked back on his formative years spent on Thrones sets, defining the atmosphere as a "pretty great place" to come into one's own. "For every difficulty I've had, I think it's actually been a pretty ideal place to grow up," he told Digital Spy. "But it's a difficult one to say, because I don't know anything different. This has been my life. I haven't really got much else to compare it with."

With season 8 opener "Winterfell," HBO bagged predictably massive ratings victories. Without even tallying delayed viewing numbers, the episode drew an average 11.8 million viewers Sunday. Per USA Today's report citing Nielsen stats, that's up from the season 7 premiere's live haul of 10.1 million viewers. We can likely expect these kinds of numbers to continue as we inch closer to the series finale.

At any rate, memes don't actually possess the ability to care if their subjects are cool with what happens to them, though it's nice to imagine someone like Wright kicking back and enjoying a litany of memes inspired by a character he helped bring to life. If by some small chance your timeline has been lacking in Bran this week, please enjoy a somewhat carefully curated selection of memes below.

Thrones is back for more this Sunday.