TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina had been dumped by her boyfriend. Yet, as the matriarch of the Lohan family, regular occurrences like a break up always come with a twist: Dina cut off their five-year online relationship right before the two were set to meet in-person for the first time.

According to Lohan's former-lover Jesse Nadler, the two broke up after having a massive argument over his Facebook. Nadler explains that Lohan snapped on him because she thought he was promoting a book that was written about another woman. Nadler says that Lohan tried to apologize to him repeatedly after he proved he was faithful, but he was not pleased and decided to put an end to their relationship. 

Nadler says that he and Lohan's connection began as completely platonic before the romance began to grow. After all of that, Nadler insists he's done with Lohan.

Outside of her mother's drama, Lindsay Lohan is continuing her re-brand. This year, her show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club— which details her adventures as a club owner in Mykonos, Greece— debuted on MTV.

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