Dina Lohan might finally get to meet her on-again-off-again online boyfriend... at their wedding.

Just days after Jesse Nadler announced his split from Dina Lohan, Nadler disclosed that the two are not only back together but he's also planning to propose to Lohan. On Wednesday, Nadler told TMZ that the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan reached out to him on Sunday night with hopes of reconciling their differences. Apparently, this conversation was fruitful as the two are now dating again. In addition to rekindling their relationship, Nadler also claims to have purchased Lohan an engagement ring with the intent of proposing to her when the two finally meet in person. 

This follows reports that the couple got into a huge fight in which Lohan accused Nadler of cheating on her with another woman. Despite Nadler insisting that he was merely promoting a female friend's book and was completely faithful to her, the incident lead to the couple breaking up. This argument proved to be another roadblock in their anticipated in-person meeting as it reportedly came just days before the event was scheduled to happen. Now, it is still up in the air when the two will actually see each other but what's known is Nadler will be taking things to the next level when they formally meet.

Also, it wasn't just Nadler that apologized with gifts. To thank him for his empathy, Lohan showered her man with apparel from the Wendy Williams Show while also sending a care package to his mother who is battling cancer.