For the latest episode of the most important show in late night, Showtime's own Desus and Mero were kind enough to take guest Anna Kendrick out for an immersive tour of "the greatest borough ever," the Bronx.

While the two initially had different BX tour plans in mind, Kendrick urged them to show her what they "normally do" throughout the course of a typical day. First up, Kendrick was treated to some last minute Timberlands shopping. "I can't tell if this is, like, a prank on me or a prank on white people or whatever," Kendrick said before being given some pointers on the distinction between formal and casual styles of the classic boot.

As it was 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, the trio then decided to hit up a strip club:

From there, Kendrick and the hosts engaged in a detailed conversation on the benefits of shopping at the Container Store, as well as a quick game of Cee-lo behind the club. As for the rest, I implore you to just watch the full clip at the top of this page.

Other recent illustrious guests on the post-Viceland Desus and Mero series have included Issa Rae, Jordan Peele, Carmelo Anthony, and Ben Stiller. They also notably spent a portion of a recent episode penning a memorable song with John Legend about eating ass.