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Fresh off hitting the studio with John Legend to pen a remarkable song about analingus, Showtime stars Desus and Mero are letting fans know that all is now well between themselves and The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy.

As fellow storied fans of the brand will recall, last May saw the two mocking Envy for walking out of his own show mid-interview on their VICELAND series. The walkout in question occurred amid Desus and Mero's Breakfast Club interview, during which Envy demanded an apology for the two's previous jokes about his relationship with wife Gia Casey.

Envy and Casey later addressed the issue on their Casey Crew podcast, pushing back against criticism from some who said getting mad about the jokes was hypocritical given Envy's Breakfast Club history. "You can't tell somebody what's serious and what's not serious," Envy said at the time. "People joke with me all day long. I mean, I'm a radio host."

Now, however, all appears to be at least somewhat well between the two camps. As relayed in a clip from the most recent episode of their new Showtime series, Desus and Mero sent Envy a "peace offering" to mark one year since the viral moment. According to them, Envy "loved" the gift.

During a recent Breakfast Club broadcast, Envy is heard praising Desus and Mero for the act of kindness. "Appreciate you guys, man," Envy said. "They sent me a banana." At this point, Angela Yee asks Envy if he was on the toilet, a seemingly bizarrely timed inquiry that Desus and Mero couldn't help but point out.

Ultimately, Envy chose to keep the actual contents of the package to himself. "It's none of your business," he said. "It was private." Asked to reveal to their Showtime audience what they gifted Envy, Desus joked that he and Mero sent him an Edible Arrangements creation signed "Happy Anniversary from Dickhead and Pussy."

The brand has been quite strong with the duo's Showtime transition. Vince Staples, Lupita Nyong'o, and Ben Stiller are among the first season guests that have recently been fortunate enough to bag an interview slot. In a bonus clip from this month's Stiller episode, the inimitable classic Ben Stiller Show was discussed:

"It was nothing like what was on TV at the time," Desus said of his early introduction to the short-lived series.