For just about its entire existence, it's felt like the One Day at a Time reboot was on the chopping block. Die-hard fans of the Norman Lear-reimagining —which replaces the original working class family at the heart of the '70s sitcom with a similarly hardscrabble immigrant family living in Los Angeles— have been touting its importance to all who will listen and the show has repaid them with thoughtful takes on immigration, mental illness, homophobia, and racism. 

Those same boosters were crushed today when they learned that Day is the latest Netflix series to be unceremoniously axed. And unlike the people freaking out because, well, they just really liked The Punisher, this cancellation woe carries a bit of weight with it. Day offered a rare glimpse into the dynamics of a Cuban-American family while giving legendary actress Rita Moreno to the sort of wide-reaching platform she deserves. (She's an ACTUAL EGOT holder, y'all.) 

The cast shared their own heartache on social media before opening the floor to fans.

Actress Isabella Gomez dangled a bit of hope.

Given the importance that ran through everything the show did, news of it's cancellation hit hard and they are letting Netflix hear about it on Twitter.