MoviePass, in theory, has been an exciting idea from the very beginning. In execution, however, things haven't been so steady.

As you'll recall, the monthly movie tickets subscription service hit a snag last July that resulted in a service disruption and a short-term loan. Then, major changes—namely, the loss of its unlimited plan—were rolled out that upset users. And according to the latest reports, the service is now trying another new pricing model.

MoviePass is reportedly days away from relaunching its famed unlimited plan, with some notable amendments. According to Business Insider, the new model is for 2D screenings only and will "likely be set live in the coming days" for new subscribers for a limited time. 

Among the alleged catches to this new plan are restrictions based on "excessive individual usage" and a pay-in-bulk requirement. Though the new unlimited plan is expected to launch at a monthly price of $9.95, that rate is said to only be for customers who pay annually via e-check or automated clearinghouse.

Current MoviePass plans at the time of this writing include Select, All Access, and Red Carpet. All three plans are capped at three movies per month, with Red Carpet allowing for one monthly IMAX or RealD screening.

MoviePass exec Khalid Itum, who oversaw the company's day-to-day operations, left his position earlier this month. In a statement to Variety attributing Itum's exit to a desire to "pursue his entrepreneurial and travel pursuits," a rep for the subscription service pointed to a "new strategic direction" that will see the brand working more closely with its originals division, MoviePass Films.