AMC's movie theater subscription program, Stubs A-List, is coming for MoviePass' throne.

The Hollywood Reporter says the number of AMC's subscribers went from 175,000 to 260,000 in the last two and a half weeks.

AMC's Stubs A-List, which launched seven weeks ago, allows members to see up to three movies each week (including IMAX) for $19.95. MoviePass saw a massive uptick in popularity last August, when it dropped from much higher prices to just $9.95 a month to see a film per day. But the business model has proven to be hugely fallible, with Moviepass unable to keep up with paying for the pricey tickets for their customers. 

AMC told THR that their aim is to get 500,000 subscribers by the end of next June and 1 million by the end of June 2020. With those projections, it might be awhile before they reach MoviePass' numbers. The subscription plan had 3 million customers as of June 2018, but if things keep going the same way, they'll be shedding 

Moviepass recently cut down their plan from one film per day to three per month. Now, they're only offering a shifting daily selection of six films for their subscribers to see and are occasionally charging additional fees for peak showtimes such as opening weekends. The changes to the system aren't the only issues though. MoviePass has been a mess behind the scenes as well. They reportedly resubscribing canceled accounts without permission and had to get an emergency loan when Mission: Impossible Fallout hit theaters. On top of that, they announced that they'll be financing a Bruce Willis movie despite all the financial issues.