With LeBron leading the way, NBA stars are seeping into the world of rap more than ever. On Monday night, MVP-front runner James Harden continued that trend by teasing fans with a snippet of an unreleased Meek Mill track, sparking speculation over who Meek is aiming at with the lyrics. 

In the clip, Harden is seen bobbing his head to what at first just seems like another fire Meek record. But after diving closer into the bars, many are assuming that Meek is taking jabs at his former girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Like most of his songs, this record has a monologue that helps solidify the theme. For this track, it appear that Meek is specifically adressing Minaj's new relationship.

"This sh*t is beyond me. You was supposed to be my Beyonce now you this n****s fiance? What?," Meek begins. "F**k you mean you feel a connection? He listen to you, what? This n***a wear Balenciaga with boot cut jeans. What the f**k you losing your mind? Ayo, call my fucking phone back yo."

The North Philly-native starts to rip the beat apart with bars that further the assumptions.

"Every time you post this n***a I wanna smoke this n***a/We just broke up last year how you know this n***a?," Meek raps. "You was cheating on me? You was creeping on me?"

Nicki first introduced the world to her boyfriend, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, in late 2018. Soon after, pictures of her with a diamond ring sparked engagement rumors that neither Minaj nor Zoo have denounced. If the rapper did get engaged, it would have come less than a year after she and Meek broke up. Also, aside from the speculations of infidelity, depending on when this record was recorded it could also be in response to the shots Minaj threw at Meek and Drake's rekindled friendship in her "Going Bad" freestyle.

However, shortly after the clip went viral, Meek took to Twitter to calm the noise. He suggested that the track might not be about Nicki at all and fans have to "hear the whole thing first."

Either way, the potential post-breakup drama only cements the fact that Meek should've heeded the advice of Rick Ross