Khloé Kardashian recently took to Instagram to share a photo of a T-shirt that encouraged readers to "love thy neighbor."

Upon first glance, the message was superficially sentimental, with each line dedicated to a different marginalized group: "Thy Homeless Neighbor, Thy Muslim Neighbor, Thy Black Neighbor, Thy Gay Neighbor, Thy White Neighbor, Thy Jewish Neighbor, Thy Christian Neighbor, Thy Atheist Neighbor." However, the second to last line read "Thy Racist neighbor," which drew a tremendous amount of criticism. As Yomi Adegoke of the Guardian points out, the "racist" classification is formatted as if xenophobic ideology is something inherent, genetic or an "unjustly vilified" identity. 

The critics were quick to point out that for a celebrity with a biracial daughter, cosigning the notion that racism isn't a choice, and additionally that we should collectively embrace it, is absolutely absurd. 

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