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Avengers: Endgame has an opportunity to break the worldwide record for an opening weekend. The era-ending film could break the series’ own record for single biggest take at the global box office on an opening weekend, thanks to a few key factors.

The biggest single factor is China being on the same page with the rest of the world outside of the US. When Avengers: Infinity War broke the record for a single weekend, China’s opening was still weeks away. As Deadline points out, the film that culminated in half of the MCU turning to dust did a similarly devastating number on box office records. Infinity War pulled in $382.7M internationally with domestic at $257.7M that first week. That was good for a $640.4M opening, a new high. 

However, if China repeats its own opening weekend numbers for Infinity War, then Endgame could easily shatter its own benchmark and take in north of $800 million in a single weekend. 

Deadline does point to several complications. The movie is much longer than previous Marvel offerings. There are no projections yet for what the movie will do at the domestic box office. And the Sunday of the film’s release weekend will be a working Sunday for many of the film’s potential viewers in the Middle Kingdom. Still, there’s a fairly good chance that Marvel’s most ambitious film to date in scope will also be its biggest moneymaker ever. 

If we're going off of fan anticipation alone, Endgame is a monster. Fans have scoured synopses and interviews for any possible hints at the fate of their favorite heroes in the coming cosmic clash (and have largely been met with "you'll just need to see it").