While it went on to greater heights and a much higher level of cultural saturation thanks to a beloved TV show, The Boondocks began its life as a comic strip. Creator Aaron McGruder stopped a few funny-page-loving hearts Wednesday when he brought back Huey, Riley, Granddad, and Uncle Ruckus for a few new strips to comment on the state of America in 2019.

The comics, shared by The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God, poke fun at the Mueller investigation, the war criminals of the Bush administration providing cover for themselves by critiquing Donald Trump, and the difficult work of finding music to listen to that isn't somehow problematic. 

“Did these for fun (and to see if I still could)," McGruder shared along with the new strips. "More to come… exactly how much more is tough to say. These strips were only possible due to the enormous talent of my good friend Seung Kim, who did the animation for the old show - and he’s a busy guy. Thanks to him and thanks to Charlamagne for putting these out for me while I get my instagram act together.” 


Merry Black History Month!!! #BoondocksBack

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Robert Mueller vs. Uncle Ruckus #BoondocksBack

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Of course, Huey and Riley are still hashing out their opposing views of the world. 



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Granddad is trying to mute R. Kelly, just keep him away from the Sundance coverage


Granddad on the #MuteRKellywave #BoondocksBack

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While it's unlikely that McGruder will return to a regular comic strip, he did promise a few more were on the way. If everything else about 2019 is going to be a drag, at least Boondocks is somewhat back.