Atypical star and noted hip-hop enthusiast Michael Rapaport has conceded that his "trash" assessment of Meek Mill was way off.

Speaking with Sway on Tuesday, Rapaport regretted his choice of words while tossing in a bit more context.

"I should not have used that word," he said of his comments, which ultimately landed a response from Meek himself. "He's absolutely not a trash rapper. ... It was wrong and it wasn't the right word. He's not a trash rapper, I can't say it. I wish I could take that word back. I'm harsh with my hip-hop opinions and it's the wrong word. It's not valid, it's not true, it's not reasonable. It was a stupid word to use."

From there, Rapaport turned his attention the frustrations he feels regarding "fair-weather Meek Mill fans" who didn't support him enough during the since squashed Drake feud. He also broke down what he believes are the "four elements of hip-hop," none of which he believes is meant to include "anything about a fuckin' blogger or culture critic and all these motherfuckin' cornballs."

When Meek caught word of Rapaport's original comments, he swiftly reminded everyone of a photo the two took together. "Who gave you authorization to be speaking on us?" Meek asked.