February has been hell month: with the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and All-Star Weekend touching down on subsequent Sunday evenings, it's been a miracle that we've been able to keep up with this season of True Detective. As February comes to a close, we have one more night of appointment television to consume: the 91st Academy Awards, which will highlight what the Academy considers as the pinnacle of cinematic excellence from the last calendar year.

With no host, and all of the awards set to air during the three-hour (plus?) telecast, this is going to be a chore to keep up with. Couple that with the massive number of awards set to be given away, and we imagine some of your Oscar parties will be spent dozing off after get lit on that Dom a bit too early. That said, we decided to give you a cheat sheet of sorts. For our 2019 Oscars Predictions, we narrowed down our takes on who WILL win, who SHOULD win, and what dark horses are lurking to jam up your ballots. At the very least, you can crib our takes and use them for the categories you might not be well-versed in without sounding like a total herb. Here are our 2019 Oscars Predictions.