Ryan Reynolds said that Deadpool 3 is “looking to go in a completely different direction” from the previous two films. While attending the premiere of a recut Deadpool 2 in China, the actor said that he wanted to get ahead of stagnation that might come to his years-long pet project, noting that “often, they reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late.”

Reynolds also joked about the title of the third movie, nodding to the name that his fans use for the character in China: Little Jianjian. The name roughly translates to "Little Bitchy Bitch."

“I feel like my wife gave that to me first, but I guess China can get the credit,” he said. "I’ll take Little Bitchy Bitch any day; it’s the most fitting. In fact, Deadpool 3 should be called Deadpool 3: Little Bitchy Bitch.”

Deadpool has found an audience in China in spite of its rapid-fire references to American culture. Variety spoke to one fan who viewed it as a point of pride when she could keep up.

“There’s parts of the everyday banter that I don’t even really get, and often the translation isn’t really spot on, making it even harder to understand. But I always feel really happy when I’m able to grasp one of the jokes,” 21-year-old Samantha Hu said.

The future of Deadpool is up in the air, as Disney has acquired the character and plans to incorporate it into its larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. There's no telling if the foul Merc with a Mouth can fit in with Marvel's mostly clean cast of heroes, so we'll just have to wait and see.