On Friday, Kevin Hart appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about stepping down from his Oscars hosting gig because of the firestorm surrounding his old homophobic tweets. While the interview didn't completely sway his critics, there are celebrities who're coming to Hart's defense. Pose's Billy Porter is one of them.

"He’s a great talent, and he would be wonderful hosting the Oscars," Porter told Variety on Saturday during the sixth annual Gold Meets Golden brunch. This a turn from last December, when he slammed both Hart and comedian D.L. Hughley for defending him. 

"I say to Kevin Hart, and I say to D.L. Hughley, I say to those people who think that they don’t need to apologize for s**t and dig their heels in their toxic masculinity: But you want your rights," Porter said during an interview with Consequence of Sound. "You want people to stop shooting your children in the back? But yet still, you turn around and oppress other people the same way you’re being oppressed. F**k that. F**k you. We’re done."

DeGeneres also expressed her support for Hart during their talk on her show. But a few other personalities, like CNN's Don Lemon, remained critical.

“Kevin, if anything, this is the time to hear other people out,” Lemon said during his Friday broadcast. “To understand why they might have been offended."