Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have teamed up to share some serious facts about facial hair. In a new visual for the Movember Foundation, the Holmes & Watson and Step Brothers stars flaunt their mustaches, while emboldening viewers to grow one too, as part of Giving Tuesday and the foundation's efforts to raise awareness of men's health issues this month. 

“You do have a Movember mustache, don't you?” Ferrell says. “I mean, what kind of idiot doesn't have a mustache?”

“Seriously, fellas, ladies—it's 2018. Everyone has to grow a mustache,” Reilly adds.

The pair then takes a look at a book called “Mustache Facts” to impart some unknown benefits to sporting hair on your upper lip. “Bucking broncos be no more,” Reilly reads. “A mustache will allow you to ride any and all horses.”

“Hope you're thirsty, because with a mustache, restaurants have to give you a free soda,” Ferrell says. 

Additional facts include cats sharing the “secrets of their species” with mustache-wearing people—and with a mustache, you’re free to drive in the carpool lane.

If you can’t or refuse to grow a mustache, Ferrell and Reilly urge you to donate on Nov. 27 on the Movember Foundation's website, which aims to raise $1 million to support research for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Holmes & Watson is due out in theaters on Christmas.