A pregnant Amy Schumer was forced to cancel her Thursday Dallas tour stop after being taken to the hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum—a pregnancy condition that includes severe nausea and can result in substantial weight loss. A day later, she announced that she would be able to fulfill her weekend shows in Newark, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The 37-year-old took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of her dog in a sheep costume, writing, “I will be doing my shows tomorrow and Sunday!” 

She also added, "FUCK BETSY DeVos. Like for real. Are you kidding me?!” referring to Education Secretary’s scheme to change how colleges and universities deal with sexual misconduct allegations.

On Thursday, Schumer shared a photo of herself in the hospital and explained what had happened. 

“Texas I am so deeply sorry. I have been really looking forward to these shows. I have to reschedule,” she wrote on Instagram. “I am in the hospital. I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story.”

“I’ve been even more ill this trimester. I have hyperemesis and it blows,” she admitted. “Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some bulls—! Sending so much love to the doctors and nurses taking great care of me and [my dog] Tati! They are cool as hell! And Texas I am really really sorry and I’ll be out there as soon as I’m better.” Schumer revealed that she and her husband are looking forward to their first child back in October.