This weekend, Tyler Perry releases his latest comedy Nobody's Fool, which hits theaters this weekend. The film features the always-hilarious Tiffany Haddish doing her thing alongside the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, and Amber Riley, who calls this a "feel good movie." Recently, the team over at Fuse got to sit down with Perry and his talented cast to discuss what makes this film so special.

Perry says that Tiffany's character Tanya was written with Tiffany in mind. "It's easy for me to write for [Tiffany]." Perry explains, "because this is just like writing for Madea if Madea were 30 years old." With word of Madea's impending retirement on the way, maybe this is the perfect time for Tiffany to be Perry's new muse. "She's saying everything Madea would say," Perry continues, "just in a rated R way." During their interview, Tiffany did speak on making a coffee table book of all of the, ahem, "vitamin D pics" that she gets on the regular, so that makes sense.

Goldberg, who took on the name "Whoda" on set, seems to have guided the younger cast during production. "She's our fairy-mama," Sumpter shared. One of the few EGOTs out there not only helped her co-stars but as happy to portray a black woman working in the marijuana business on-screen.

For the broad spectrum that black films (and black filmmakers) have occupied in 2018, it's great to see a fun, feel-good romcom emerge on-screen alongside Tiffany's hilarity. You can check out the full video from the Nobody's Fool press interviews up above, and be sure to check out the film, which is in theaters now.