An official Frasier reboot might take longer than fans expect if they believe Frasier himself, Kelsey Grammer.

Grammer spoke at a USC Comedy Festival panel to commemorate Frasier's 25th anniversary, according to Deadline. He and his fellow former co-stars fielded questions about the show's famous moments while detailing the reasons the reboot has been delayed.

"No, there’s been no premise that has come along that has the necessary fire," Grammer responded when asked about the reboot's status. "A lot of us are quite committed to the concept that you would never try to redo what we once had."

The reboot talk didn't just come out of the ether. Back in July, Grammer had been "fielding interest" about revamping the series. Apparently those conversations didn't lead to much.

This doesn't mean Fraiser 2.0 is dead. At the panel, Grammer explained his desire for a script that features the original cast while bringing in new leading characters to reflect the current times. He also insisted that nothing is "set in stone" and that he will keep looking until he finds a show that feels familiar but not the same. "In my own personal approach to what I’ve discussed with other people is that I wouldn’t want to do it without these guys," he said.

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