Anyone who has ever seen a Vince Staples interview knows that he shines on camera. So, the surprising thing isn't that the rapper was cast as the lead in a movie, but that it took someone this long to do it.  

Staples will have his first-ever starring role in the upcoming indie Punk, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Staples will play Peter, a man who decides to fall in with a group of travelers after “receiving a disheartening rejection letter.” It isn't until after they set out on the road that he learns he's tagged along with a group of bank robbers guided by a Robin Hood philosophy, and whose leader is on the FBI Most Wanted list. 

The film will be directed by newcomer Richard Hughes, who also wrote the screenplay. No release date for the film has been set.

While this will be Vince's first time playing the lead in a movie, it's not his first role. Staples had a cameo in the 2015 movie Dope, and also provided the voice of the character Vinz in the English dub of the anime film MFKZ.     

Beyond film, Vince is staying busy with festival performances and concerts. He's one of the featured performers at the upcoming benefit concert for late rapper Mac Miller. Staples was heavily influenced by Miller, and has said that there would be no Vince Staples music without him