Stephen Colbert isn't exactly hurting for work since he already has that late-night gig at CBS. But that doesn't mean he has projects he wouldn't have liked to work on. Actress Robin Wright teased the host about a missed opportunity for a role on House of Cards' final season. The actress, who plays the President of the United States in the Netflix show's final season, told Colbert that she had a role laid out for him.

“You know, we wanted you on the show,” Wright said. “You would’ve been so great. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if you were to be the press secretary for Claire?” 

“You wanted me on the show? Did I say no? I take it back if I said no, I say yes,” Colbert said.

The exchange led to a Hollywood in-joke about superstars refusing to audition. 

“I heard a rumor that you wouldn’t audition,” Wright said. 

“No, I won’t audition,” Colbert responded, playing into the bit.

The two also discussed how the team behind House of Cards made the decision to keep the show going after Kevin Spacey was forced out by scandal

"Nobody really knew what to do," she continued. "We all mulled it over and said 'Why are we going to let down the fans? Let's finish it off the way we always intended.'"

Watch the conversation above. House of Cards' final season drops Nov. 2.