If you haven't heard yet, The Haunting of Hill House is Netflix's latest two-fer of a critically acclaimed original series that also has the timeline lit up like airport delayed board on Christmas. Compulsively binge-able, with a creepy atmosphere to hook you in and emotional family trauma rich enough to make you stay, Hill House is another pleasant surprise from a company that loves to pop up with an out-of-nowhere hit like a bent-neck ghost in an SUV's backseat.

One of the show's chief delights, aside from being populated with a cast of thoroughly sketched, lived-in characters? It's actually scary! This is a novelty. Horror's having a field day on the silver screen for sure. The tube's a different story—your mileage may vary on when American Horror Story fell off but I think we can all agree it was never "scary." Fucked-up shit designed to draw winces and tweets isn't the same thing as pure, eager-to-watch-this-shit-with-the-lights-off dread. From its pilot onward, Hill House maintains a dedication to ramping up that creepy atmosphere and then paying it off with real scares even the most jaded, seen-every-slasher-and-Stephen-King-adaptation among us would have to tip our hats too.

On Halloweek, whether it's your first watch or a rewatch, Hill House's timing couldn't be better. Here are the series top moments that either unsettled, or made us full-on rush to cut the lights on, ranked.

[Ed. Note: It should go without question that if you haven't finished The Haunting of Hill House, tread lightly. Spoilers abound!]