While the idea of Lana Del Rey going 2012 Chief Keef with a potentially "violent" Twitter beef is enough for anyone to be confused, things got even weirder when the target of Rey's outburst, Azealia Banks, claimed that she and her mystical powers will burn down the signer's house. 

In a since-deleted tweet, the Harlem rapper implied that her connection to another spiritual realm will allow her to set Lana Del Rey's house ablaze. 

"Honestly, you know The Big Bad Witch is smarter than that," Banks said in repose to advising her against in engaging in Rey's social media fiasco. "When her house mysteriously goes up in flames while she is asleep inside... I want to see as many #Azealiavoodoo hashtags as possible." The threat comes days after Del Rey told Azealia Banks to “pull up” on Twitter.

The spat began when the two former friends disagreed over Kanye West's recent pro-Trump antics. It's difficult to determine whether or not Banks thinks she can actually burn Del Rey's house down, or if this is just another case of Azealia being Azealia. But what is known, is that this whole debacle — like many of the horrible things that are happening in pop culture lately — is all Kanye's fault.