When Jordan Peele's Get Out hit theaters in 2017, it immediately connected with black movie-goers across the country. It held a magnifying glass to the awkward situations black folk can get into around the ultra-liberal white people out there...but with a frightening twist. Tyrel, which Magnolia Pictures is releasing on December 5, touches on that, too, but is more true-to-life, which can be even more frightening.

Tyrel follows Tyler (Jason Mitchell), who takes a trip to the Catskills to spend a wild weekend with a bunch of people he doesn't know. Quickly he realizes that he's going to be doing a boatload of drinking and that he'll be the only black guy in a space full of white people. The title of the film comes from someone mispronouncing his name, and from there you get the feeling that he's around a lot of people who are set to do him harm. Not in a "we're going to inhabit your mind while you're in the sunken place" harm, but definitely some uncomfortable, modern-day terror between the races.

That's not to say that this is a horror film at all; Vanity Fair called it this year's answer to Get Out, but Paste also calls it "one of the most terrifying non-horror movies you'll ever see." AKA what happens to many of us on the day-to-day.

Aside from Jason Mitchell, Sebastián Silva's Tyrel also stars Caleb Landry Jones (who you should remember from Get Out) and Michael Cera, among others (including Reg E. Cathey's final film performance). Check out the trailer up above.