When Variety spoke with Rosario Dawson at the Tribeca TV Festival on Saturday, she has admittedly been busy bouncing between California, New York, and Europe. The admission wasn't much of a flex, but rather, a confession to exercising her civic duty as an American citizen. "I was here in New York and I had just come in from Europe, and it’s very privileged of me that I was able to do this, but I realized I didn’t set my schedule appropriately so I was going to miss voting in California for the primaries so I flew [back]," she said. "I had just had our CFDA dinner and I jumped on a plane and went to LA, voted, and then came right back because I had to be here."

Unlike Dawson, who made sure that she got out there and voted by any means necessary, she was discouraged by the turnout from her fellow American citizens. "When you’re looking at all the messages and trending hashtags online, you would just imagine that we were going to have like 99% turnout and it was abysmal," she explained. "I think it was like 25% of eligible voters voted, and that’s just a crisis." 

Given Dawson's commitment to the political process, one can't help but wonder if she would ever entertain the idea of making a run at office. "Maybe down the line, long down the line, but not right now," she admitted. Her previous work as an activist, which includes being a founder of the nonprofit organization Voto Latino, in addition to the fan base she's amassed as an actress, makes her an intriguing candidate if she ever decides to pursue a career in politics.