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Q posted a request on for a website with “EXACTLY THE SAME EVERYTHING FEATURES” as OnSmash. Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, hackers obliterated the website shortly after it took’s layout. “I felt like quitting, like, ‘Fuck the Internet,’” Q said about the setback. WorldStar would shut down for seven months.

This particular sequence of events marked the starting point of at least two major plotlines for the then-fledgling brand. First, this wouldn’t be the first online attack against WorldStar. Second, WorldStar’s habit of taking content without crediting the source. For example, the comedy duo ItsTheReal noticed many of their sketches uploaded to WorldStar without an attribution—only text that said,  “Courtesy of Mahad.”

“I don’t know who Mahad is or what he does, but I do know that he’s not a Rosenthal,” said Jeff Rosenthal, one-half of the fraternal duo. “World Star absolutely violates rules of Internet connectivity.”