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With the release of a handful of out-of-context photos from Marvel Studios’ next film, Captain Marvel, the fanboys are getting their theory on. The 21st film in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and first to be solely driven by a female character, isn’t set to hit theaters until March 8, 2019 (aka International Women’s Day), but for a certain Marvel stan (present company included), those images are more than enough to get ticket buyers hype for how this new character will help shape the post-Infinity War MCU.

It’s an intriguing game of fantasy booking that Marvel fans play. The rich Marvel Comics history means that Marvel Studios have a number of different avenues to take their film properties down. They also have a tendency to remix the comic book history for their films, for good or ill. That’s a recipe for failed theories, but the thrill is in the chase, not the kill.

Now that we’re clear, and there’s no word on when the first proper Captain Marvel trailer will hit, it’s high time to round up these theories. Not only will it allow us to get an understanding of what Marvel could be brewing up for Captain Marvel, but it’ll give us even more insight on what makes Carol Danvers tick. Grab your tinfoil hat and legal pad and let’s do some theorizing.