On Wednesday, an anonymous New York Times op-ed put everyone into a frenzy and launched an online investigation into who could be the rat in Donald Trump’s White House (plot twist: it’s probably Donald Trump). If you haven’t read the piece, good for you. It doesn’t say anything we didn’t already know about how unstable, uninformed, and dangerous Trump’s decision making process is.

Mostly, the op-ed posed questions about credibility/anonymity in journalism, and why someone who stayed silent during Trump’s Muslim ban and the separation of families at the border is just now speaking out. By far the best thing to come out of this, however, is the memes.

Following the release of the Times piece, some people are changing the headline to something totally unrelated, but equally ridiculous.

Others are providing funny suggestions as to who might be behind the anonymous piece.

No matter how bad things get over there in D.C., thank god we can always count on people to make hilarious content out of it.