A reboot of the cult favorite television series Veronica Mars is reportedly in the works with Hulu.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the revival of the teenage detective show will still star its lead Kristen Bell. While the show making a comeback 14 years after its initial air date on UPN in 2004 might seem out of the ordinary, the show's fans have been eager for its return since it went off the air in 2007 after three seasons on the CW network.

Specifics around the full cast and storyline for the new series are currently still under wraps, but both Bell and original director Rob Thomas are both confirmed to be involved.

The original series revolved around high school student Veronica Mars' life as a detective in the town of Neptune, California following the murder of her best friend.

While the mystery series has remained off of TV since its original cancellation, fans were able to bring back the beloved character with a movie of the same name that was released in 2014. In total, $5.7 million were raised on Kickstarter to fund production of the film, which also starred Bell reprising her crime-solving role to help an ex-boyfriend accused of murder.

As expected, the news of a return certainly brightened the day for a lot of fans.

An official release date for Hulu's Veronica Mars reboot has yet to be announced.